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We have over 750 leather and matching vinyl colors fabrics from which you can make your selections . . . a collection amassed over 13 years. We also have all the original perforations and grains. This stock of colors, which naturally reflect today's most popular choices, are continually replenished. They are available in half hides, hides, and replacement pieces.

Please visit heartland-fabrics.com to see all available choices.


I am so happy to say, the desk is great. My husband really loves it. The color is perfect and the craftsmanship seems superb. I am very pleased, and it was very nice working with you and your company. Thank you for your attentive service.

Sally P., Shorewood, WI

Care and Warranty

Wood is a product of nature and therefore acts in ways beyond human control. All hardwood has variation in its color and grain. These wood characteristics will put their own unique touch to each piece of solid wood furniture. Even though we go through the same building process, no two pieces will be exactly the same. Click below to read more......